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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Preparing for the big event

as Pathfinder mentioned here: we will meet on the Hyperbase42 next sunday.
Time to clean up and test and fix some things...
Most of my gates dont seem to work anymore because the target grids have upgraded to 0.7.1 :(
Many destinations coming out of the Hypergate seem to have the very same issue :((
Since we will visit my beach house i have removed some non pg13 stuff ;-)

Vanish & i tried to set up a Hypertaxi between the Base and his TGIB Inn.
No matter what we tried we couldnt succeed getting the osTeleportAgent call to work (thew one that actually performs the teleport). I think it is due to this bug
( Fix osTeleportAgent for hypergrid destinations.)

Since this was fixed in opensim version 14351 (as opposed to the 13981 used in the Diva distro) i doubt it would make sense to try and backport that into the current Hyperbase42 installation.

So: no automagic transports, but "show-on-map-and-click-teleport".

So much to do, so little time ;-)

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