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Monday, January 31, 2011

Farewell standalone, welcome NeoGrid...

after playing with some configurations it seems to be the right way to go for a complete hypergrid enabled grid setup. This way it might be easier to test some newer releases (as long as they dont change the grid interface again...).
So i have set up one R.O.B.U.S.T service and a separate OpenSim instance for the Hyperbase42.
I will set up a second OpenSim instance for the other regions soon.
Merging the data from the old installations seems to be done now, if all goes smooth the server should be ready tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moving to the new server

since the virtual server that was running the hyperbase42 is once again just crawling i had to take it down...
Currently i am evaluating if i need to move its complete content over to the new server or maybe just put a similar sim there.
Meanwhile i have copied the databases from two servers (my home sim and the hyperbase) into one on the new server. This means i have all the user accounts with their inventories, all the regions and prims.

It works, but i have to fix some minor issues: the "ServiceURLs" field in the UserAccounts table contains the full qualified domain names, so if i use different names (as i do while testing) ppl cant log in.
And now i have two Neo Cortex users with different UUID's, one being the creator and owner of the hyperbase, the other owner of my home sim. Of course with two different inventories ^^

Are there any mysql experts with some ready made statements like "update ownership of a whole region" or "merge this part of my avatar1 inventory to that part of my avatar2"?

Well, who said this would be a smooth ride? ;-)

At least my experiments so far show everything is running much faster on the new server.

still tinkering,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some decisions made, some new things to come, some changes...

after watching the performance fluctuations, the crashes and some other little problems i finally decided to move my sims to a real server.
I rented a dual core 2GB server with a (so they tell) permanent 100MBit bandwidth.
Now i "just" have to come up with a good planing for a stable environment and move my old installation onto this new platform.
My first idea was to set up a set of virtual machines based on Ubuntu / kvm but i think i would need a bit more "oomph" for that: especially more memory and more ip adresses to have the virtual machines as full visible servers.
For my idea of having some different opensim versions running in parallel plus some minor web services like a web server either a classic setup or one based on virtual machines would work.
So to avoid the extra overhead in memory and cpu consumption i will give up some of the flexibility that a virtualization might give and install a normal Ubuntu server and opensim.

It will take some days to fully migrate the hyperbase and my other sims onto the new platform.

During those last days i also thought a bit about the way i am trying to run this hyperbase42 thingy.
Maybe i am still trying to reinvent some wheels. E.g. the Inn on the TGIB is already up and running on, it even has a duplicate under 0.6.9 and both can even communicate, so why should i set up yet another meeting point? El & Vanish also are much more active in maintaining their blog on and it already contains lots of great opensim and hypergrid related info. I should really concentrate more on finding such gems and just provide some links and hints...

cu on the hypergrid,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New day, new server, same VPS...

After some disk issues on the server my VPS was running on it came back up and ran like a good ol' 8086 -> sloooooow. I opened a ticket and was offered once again to move to a different server, which i accepted this time.
It seems the move went rather smooth, the base is performing as i expect it to.

Now i just need someone to come and kick my ass so i finally start to put up, write down and program all those things i have in my mind to make it useful for all of us ;-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hyperbase moved, some new things to check out

i lowered the base to the usual 20+ m now, so you might have to reset your home position if you have a local account there. The train has also moved a bit and there is a path leading to the Inn now.

I met Jeff Kelley there and we had a talk about some things that might be needed in opensim: hypergrid groups and chat. He pointed me to XGridChat , i will surely have a closer look at it, as well as at the intergrid IM solution i saw on osgrid.... hmm, was it on Snoopy Pfeffers freebie place?

Since there is a new osgrid release out i will update my sim there and have a look...

This release should also re-enable the HG connection from and to osgrid, but i think only for those who use the latest opensim development snapshot.

I'll keep you up to date as soon as i have checked it out.