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Friday, September 6, 2013

Alpha "Rift enabled" viewer and a new Rift demo region on osgrid

...tempus fugit... a lot has happened since my last post:

- i finally got my very own Rift dev kit
although it is always mentioned that this is in no way the final consumer product
it is miles ahead of what i was able to tinker using my 7" tablet, some lenses and cardboard ^^
You put it on your head, fire up a demo and "baam" you teleport into that new world.
I cant really describe other than "you have to see it to believe it" and "it looks as if you are there"!

- it seems Cracker Hax has put his development on a hold, KirstenLee didnt respond to my query,
 but: David Rowe at has created a first alpha version of a viewer (based on Firestorm) that can display SL / opensim on the Rift... "YAY!"
So far it is "just" capable of walking around your creations and look around using the Rift's head tracking. No menus, no HUD, no chat. Nevertheless it is impressive! You can switch between the Rift and your normal monitor by alt-ctrl-3 or pushing a button, so you can use your normal mode to get to where you want to and then switch to 3D for full immersion.

- i have set up another Region os OSGrid (Riftdemo1) where i want to put together a showcase for Rift in opensim.
The idea is to try out what works best to show some great content and get developers and builders interested in the combination of 3D and opensim.
So far my goal is to present all technologies that are available today, from prims to mesh and materials, projectors, etc. while keeping load times low and frame rate high.
For this i am looking for builders interested in showing some of their best pieces.

Also i want to set up some guidelines about how to build stuff to work best for the Rift (scale, use of textures, etc)

Once i have a worthy collection of presentable things on that sim i intend to release it as an OAR and provide some instructions how to set it up e.g. using a Sim on a Stick installation so Rift owners can easily check it out.